St Mary’s Diocesan School offers the following facilities:

  • Art Rooms
  • Canteen
  • Library
  • Science Labs
  • Sports Facilities
  • Technology Room
  • Woodwork Room

Art Rooms


Our school canteen offers a wide variety of hot and cold food, snacks etc. such as fruit, yogurt, scones, overnight oats, wraps, sandwiches, salads, curry, lasagne etc. They also offer special food on certain days, such as pancakes on pancake Tuesday etc. It also offers wide variety of cold beverages, such as smoothies, water, juices etc.


Sport Facilities

We have a large Gym, Astro Turf and playing field at St. Mary’s. Our gym can accommodate basketball, indoor football, badminton, volleyball and we have had two handball alleys. The upstairs balcony has room for table tennis and weights.

Woodwork Rooms

St Mary’s boasts two materials technology wood practical rooms and a technology room. All rooms are fully equipped with the best tools and machines available. Our Epilog Laser CNC machine is an invaluable tool that we have. The laser cuts and engraves wood, plastic, glass, MDF, Paper and leather. It has proved to be a valuable asset to the school, adding a very professional look to all projects, both at Junior and Senior level.