IN HIS SHOES-TY Community based initiative

February 24, 2022

#transitionyear #mentalhealthawareness
“This year Ms Curtis and our Transition Year students will launch ‘IN HIS SHOES’ a community based initiative to reduce the stigma associated with suicide through a public arts display. The stigma associated with suicide is a major challenge to suicide prevention. This project aims to raise awareness and start important conversations around mental health by placing cement shoes with flowers around the town of Drogheda, to represent those sadly lost to suicide in our town and surrounding areas.
We at St Mary’s Diocesan School present this project as a model for how arts participation can address suicide on multiple fronts—from raising awareness and reducing stigma, to promoting community recovery, to providing healing for people and communities in need.
Each Transition Year student will make a cement planter from an old pair of shoes and ask for people to sponsor a pair to then be placed in various locations around the town of Drogheda. ‘IN HIS SHOES’ will aim to promote understanding, empathy and compassion and inspire people to get a perspective about others pain, sadness and struggles before judging them.
All funds raised will be donated to SOSAD Drogheda. You can donate here: